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“Realizing the Unreasonable”

At Helius, our purpose as a company is “Realizing the Unreasonable”, the phrase symbolized the challenging journey into commercializing an innovative neuromodulation technology to treat neurologic disorders and trauma in a revolutionary way.  Little did we know that it would also be an extraordinary vehicle to guide our corporate social consciousness.

As I have reflected on the tragic death of George Floyd, the ensuing unrest, and the racism and injustice at the root of suffering for black people in the US and elsewhere, it strikes me that this important social issue could use the considerable force of our purpose as a company for support and leadership. I am daunted by the challenge of resolving generations of institutional racism and opening the minds of so many who feel as if such change is unreasonable.  

Standing in solidarity with the black community for human dignity and denouncing racism in all forms is not unreasonable. Making changes within our institutions to reinforce justice and equality for all is not unreasonable. A society where all people can live without fear or disparate treatment is not only reasonable but essential.

Helius greatly values a diverse organization comprised of individuals from all backgrounds. Our community and our business is stronger, more creative, and better performing because of this. Our workforce is already is a good reflection of our local community.  But, we need to do more.  Our employees have already engaged in forming a book club to become more educated on the issues.  We will incorporate implicit bias training to our all-staff communication events on a monthly basis to explore and consciously identify our own biases that still exist and engage in dialogue to overcome them.  We will work with the local communities in which we operate to support organizations that provide education on systemic discrimination to provide opportunities for employees to understand how they might take action to be part of the solution.

This is our beginning.  I look forward to realizing what some might otherwise consider ‘unreasonable’.  Not just because we will be a higher performing organization, but because it is simply the right thing to do.