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At Helius Medical Technologies (Helius), our mission is to develop, license or acquire treatments that help patients affected by neurological symptoms caused by disease or trauma. Our passion is to ensure that these technologies are properly vetted through the scientific method, supported by strong clinical evidence, and steered through the correct regulatory pathway to most effectively help patients.

Our scientific interests are in the development of treatments that focus on the high unmet need of treating neurological symptoms. We are also interested in developing products and services that are consumer-focused and have strong scientific foundations.

High Unmet Need 
For millions of patients worldwide, neurological symptoms caused by disease or trauma have long been considered untreatable. As a result, patients, physicians and our entire healthcare system today struggle to cope with the clinical and economic impact of chronic symptoms that patients oftentimes face for the rest of their lives. At Helius, we believe in bold scientific research that challenges this long-standing reality. We aim to make a significant difference for patients in this area of unmet need.

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Consumer Focused
The existing environment of neurological symptom treatments has many aspects that can be improved. At Helius, our scientific interests lie in the development of products and services that improve this environment with a focus on the consumer. This goes beyond creating additional treatment options and includes improvements to treatment availability, usability, safety and effectiveness.

The Regulatory Path
At Helius, we understand that navigating the regulatory path to successfully commercialize a technology requires both scientific depth and breadth. As the scientific foundations of our own technologies continue to develop through new opportunities and partnerships, we maintain a focus on quality that will be held to the highest scientific standards of regulatory agencies around the world.