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It is Helius’ policy to observe and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to it and the conduct of its business, wherever that may be. We expect our Directors and Employees to do the same. As stated earlier, obedience to the law is a starting point, but it is an essential starting point that must be met by all Employees and Directors all of the time.

You will at all times obey and comply with all federal, provincial, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances of the countries in which we operate, including but not limited to the following:

  • Health and safety laws concerning the workplace;
  • Civil rights laws concerning harassment and job discrimination;
  • Employment laws concerning payment of minimum wage, overtime requirements, child labor and general working conditions;
  • Immigration related laws concerning the hiring of legally documented workers;
  • Securities laws;
  • Laws concerning racketeering and corrupt practices;
  • Laws concerning the proper maintenance of books, records and internal controls;
  • Laws, regulations, and accepted industry practices concerning drug development and commercialization;
  • Laws prohibiting illegal payments, gifts, bribes or kickbacks to governmental officials, political parties or others;
  • Privacy laws;
  • Environmental laws;
  • Laws prohibiting misappropriation, unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of any third party’s trade secrets, copyrighted information or confidential proprietary information;
  • Antitrust and other laws prohibiting unfair competition or restraint of trade; and
  • Any other applicable law or regulatory ordinance.

Managers and supervisors need to model and inspire ethical compliance and integrity at work. We rely on managers and supervisors to demonstrate a strong commitment to our Code and to all laws through their words and actions. Employees must model good behavior to Company consultants, suppliers, and clients.

You will not commit or condone an unethical or illegal act nor instruct another Employee, consultant, contractor, supplier or representative of the Company to do so. You will not authorize or permit any consultant, contractor, distributor or representative of the Company to have authority to enter into, incur, make, change, enlarge or falsify any contract, liability or agreement, obligation, representations, guarantee, warranty or commitment on behalf of the Company or its affiliated companies.

You are expected to be sufficiently familiar with any laws that apply to our work, to recognize potential breaches and to know when to seek legal advice. If in doubt, you should discuss the matter with a member of the executive team or member of the legal team.

If you become aware of any violation of law or regulation, you must inform the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors or your immediate supervisor. Directors and Employees may also report violations by calling Helius’ Ethics hotline. The Ethics hotline number/web address is: 844.721.1141 / heliusmedical.ethicspoint.com.