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Both securities laws and Helius’ policies prohibit individuals in possession of material information relating to Helius or one of its partners that has not been disclosed to the general public from receiving a benefit from such information. All Directors and Employees must abide by Helius’ Insider Trading policy. A copy of the policy is distributed to new Directors upon joining the Board of Directors and to new Employees at date of employment, and is available from the Chief Financial Officer.

The policy applies to any person who has knowledge of material, nonpublic information about the Company and to those persons, such as relatives or friends, who receive such information from a person who possesses the information. If you are unsure whether the purchase or sale of Helius stock or a development partner’s stock would violate the Insider Trading Policy, you must consult the Chief Financial Officer before buying or selling the stock.

From time to time the Company implements stock trading blackout periods during which time Directors, officers and Employees are restricted from buying or selling shares. Background information on blackouts will be made available to Employees via emails.

Also prohibited is “tipping” – the disclosure of material, non-public information to anyone other than in the necessary course of business. “Tipping” is a violation of the law and may result in civil or criminal liability of the person who passes material non-public information to another person who buys or sells securities while in possession of the information.

The Company is completely against anyone conducting activities which contravene the Code and the securities laws.