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Our Company’s proprietary and confidential information is one of our most valuable assets, and we substantially invest in its development. We protect our Company’s intellectual property by obtaining patent, trademark, or trade secret protection, and by taking precautions to prevent inappropriate disclosure, use, or loss of such information. We vigorously enforce our rights to these assets, and we similarly respect the intellectual property of others.

Confidential information may also include our business strategy, plans for the future, and other non-public information. We want our Employees to be well informed about our business, our plans for future growth, and the successes and challenges we have along the way. In return for this openness, the Company places trust in its Employees to maintain, absent a court order or other legal requirement, the strict confidentiality of our proprietary information and those aspects of our business that we have not yet shared with shareholders and the general public.

You are to take all feasible measures to protect the confidentiality of non-public information about the Company obtained or created in connection with your activities and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information unless required by applicable law or regulation of legal or regulatory process. You must use proprietary information only for the Company’s legitimate business purposes, and not for your personal benefit or the personal benefit of anyone else. You must avoid discussing Company information in public places where others can hear.

To provide the Company with reasonable protection against disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, all Employees may be required to sign an employment agreement prior to their start with the Company that includes clauses addressing confidential information, invention assignment and a prior invention declaration. These clauses state in part that the Company retains exclusive ownership of all inventions and discoveries arising out of employment and any information pertaining to the business or research activities of the Company.

Proprietary and confidential information is any information about the Company that has not been disclosed to the public and includes, without limitation:

  • The Company’s ideas, discoveries, inventions, formulae, algorithms, techniques, processes, know how, trade secrets, research, laboratory notes, data, analysis, assays, designs, methods, flow charts, drawings, specifications, plans, prototypes, apparatus, devices, specimens, manufacturing and production processes;
  • Company strategy and the content of upcoming meetings;
  • Regulatory filings and correspondences;
  • Software;
  • Information concerning actual or projected sales, earnings or operating results or business transactions;
  • Customer and supplier lists, relationship with consultants, contracts, business plans and marketing strategies; and
  • Personnel information.

It is each Employee’s responsibility to know what is confidential or proprietary and ensure that they use it only in the performance of duties with the Company. If unsure, consider the information to be confidential until you obtain clarification to the contrary.