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Any Employee, officer, stockholder or third party who has a concern about the Company’s business conduct or any possible violations of law, or of this Code, or about its accounting, internal accounting controls, public reporting, or financial or auditing matters may communicate that concern directly to the Chairman of the Board of the Company or Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board.

Such communication may be confidential. You may also contact these persons to report any issues, complaints or concerns about potential breaches in ethics, compliance requirements or company policy.

To contact the CEO, you may send an email to the Company; and to contact the Chairman of the Audit committee, you may send an email to the Audit Committee.

All such concerns will be forwarded to one or more appropriate individuals, inside or outside of the Company, for their review. The status of all outstanding concerns addressed to the Chairman of the Board or the Chairman of the Audit Committee will be reported to the Audit Committee periodically. The non-employee Directors of the Audit Committee may direct specialized support, including the retention of outside advisors or counsel with payment by the Company, for any concern addressed to them.

No adverse action or retribution of any kind (i.e. discharge, demote, suspend, threaten or harass or in any other manner discriminate against an Employee in the terms and conditions of employment) will be taken by the Company against any Employee because he or she reports in good faith a suspected violation of this Code or other irregularity by any person other than the reporting Employee.