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Research Partners

ARL and Helius Medical Technologies have established a research partnership under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement launching clinical investigation into whether the PoNS can augment the effects of MBSR training and addressing issues such as post-traumatic stress and sleep disorders.

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Key Tronic Corporation is an electronic manufacturing services provider headquartered in Spokane, WA. Key Tronic has been a partner with Helius in product development, clinical prototype manufacturing and was named Helius’ commercial contract manufacturer in 2017.

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The Brain Injury Association of America is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization. The BIAA has partnered with Helius Medical Technologies and Montel Williams on a TBI awareness and education campaign called Tackling TBI.

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Although currently closed – TCNL, located at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, studies applied neuroplasticity with the aim of developing solutions for sensory and motor disorders. This was the home laboratory of the scientists behind Helius Medical Technologies’ (Helius) flagship PoNS™ technology.

USAMRMC, operating within the U.S. Army Medical Department, holds a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with NeuroHabilitation, a division of Helius, for environmental testing and clinical trials of PoNS in patients with balance and gait disorder due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury.

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