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Mitch is a biomedical engineer and scientist with over 30 years of experience in research and development of visual and tactile displays for human-machine interfaces. He has been with TCNL since 1992 and was cofounder of Wicab, Inc., (with Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita), and Vice President of Research and Development. He is the lead inventor of the BrainPort™ Balance device, and codiscoverer of the retention effect and the neurorehabilitation potential of tongue electrotactile stimulation. He was principal investigator on NIH SBIR grants developing balance, vision and auditory substitution applications, and on a DARPA contract for an underwater navigation and orientation system. After serving in the US Navy, Mitch received a BS in mechanical with a minor in electrical engineering from San Jose State University in California in 1980, and an MS in biomedical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1985. He is a senior lecturer in the UW Department of Biomedical Engineering, where he teaches biomedical engineering design, biomechanics, bioinstrumentation and neuromotor control. His research interests include cutaneous and tongue-based electrotactile displays, human-machine interaction, and in clinical applications of noninvasive neuromodulation for rehabilitation. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.