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Stock Quote - HSM-T

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Stock Quote - HSDT

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Kaczmarek, Tyler and Danilov organized Advanced NeuroRehabilitation, LLC (ANR) to manage neurorehabilitation technologies developed at TCNL.

In 2013, ANR and MPJ Healthcare formed a joint venture called NeuroHabilitation Corporation to develop and commercialize the PoNS device. NeuroHabilitation signed a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Department of Defense to develop and manage clinical and regulatory activities for the PoNS device and CN-NINM technologies. Late in the year, Philippe Deschamps was named CEO of NeuroHabilitation Corporation.

Through a reverse merger in 2014, Helius Medical Technologies (Helius) acquired NeuroHabilitation as a wholly owned division. Subsequently, Helius became a publicly traded company on the Canadian Stock Exchange in Toronto (ticker symbol: HSM).