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Helius expects loyalty from all of its Directors and Employees. A conflict of interest occurs when a Director or Employee allows personal interests to interfere with his or her responsibility to the Company. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be avoided.

You must act to benefit the Company and avoid any situation that actually or potentially benefits you at the Company’s expense. Some conflicts are clear-cut; others are less obvious. For that reason, you must fully disclose to a member of the executive team all circumstances that could be construed or perceived as a conflict of interest. Full disclosure enables us to resolve unclear situations and create an opportunity to dispose of or ethically handle conflicts of interest before any difficulty can arise. To the extent a conflict of interest cannot be avoided in a reasonable fashion then appropriate procedures must be put in place to minimize the involvement of any conflicted individuals in the relationship or interaction, giving rise to the conflict. Failure to make required disclosures or resolve conflicts of interest satisfactorily can result in disciplinary up to and including termination of employment.

Any employment agreement with the Company may appropriately prohibit an Employee’s employment or engagement in any capacity in any other business without the prior permission of the Company. This provision broadly addresses potential conflicts of interest. While it is not possible to describe every situation that could lead to a conflict of interest, the following are examples of possible conflicts of interest

  • Acting as an Employee, Director or officer of or a consultant to, a competitor or potential competitor of the Company, regardless of the nature of the employment or consulting relationship;
  • Holding a substantial interest in a business which is a customer, competitor or supplier of the Company or which otherwise does business with the Company;
  • The purchase of merchandise or services for the Company from, or placement of other business with, a company directly or beneficially owned or controlled by an Employee, Director or officer of the Company, his or her spouse, relative, in-law or co-habitant; and
  • Serving as proprietor, general partner, officer or Director of any business (except charitable organizations or family businesses that in no way compete with the Company or do business with the Company) without first obtaining written consent of the CEO of the Company. (Non-employee Directors of the Company are excluded from this prohibition.)